Red Carpet Manicure Removal

Red Carpet Manicure Removal with Cuticle Stick

I had been very curious about Red Carpet Manicure for weeks. A nail polish system that claims to dry quickly via LED light and lasts for weeks after? Where do I sign up?

I didn’t doubt the that the polish could last for at least a week. But my main hesitation came from the one question that was plaguing me most:

What kind of damage is the Red Carpet Manicural removal process going to do to my nails?

Nothing ruins a great manicure faster than the polish itself causing nail breakage and flake-age. I’m pretty unforgiving when it comes to polish-induced nail damage–no matter how lustrous or pretty the polish may be–so this was a biggy for me.

But I had to see for myself! So I bought the Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit, which is exactly as it sounds. It’s a kit that includes all the basics needed to get you started:

  • LED Light  (requires electric outlet)
  • Structure - BASE COAT GEL
  • Brilliance - SEAL & SHINE TOP COAT GEL
  • Red Carpet Reddy — LED Gel Polish
  • An instruction card with pictures

As far as the removal process, the starter kit only provides 2 items necessary for removal, the Erase polish remover and the Revitalize cuticle oil.

The starter kit is missing certain items that are required for the removal process described in the instruction card that comes with the kit:

  • foil
  • cuticle sticks
  • cotton pads
  • nail buffer

These items are included in the Red Carpet Manicure Removal Kit, along with another bottle of the Erase polish remover, but I opted not to buy the Removal Kit though since I’ll usually have most of these items at home.

After gathering my materials (not pictured: cuticle stick and nail buffer),

Red Carpet Manicure Removal Materials

I took one last look at my manicure of 14 days. The staying power was pretty amazing. The only real reason I needed to remove my manicure was because I had started picking at my nails myself. I can be OCD like that…

Red Carpet Manicure after a few weeks

After gently buffing the shine from the polish with a buffer pad (I accidentally skipped this step the first time I removed my Red Carpet Manicure, and the polish still came off ok. It just needed a little extra help with the cuticle stick), I placed a Erase-polish-remover-soaked cotton ball on top of each nail and wrapped foil around it.

Red Carpet Manicure Removal Cotton and Foil

Red Carpet Manicure Removal Cotton and Foil Wrap

10 minutes later…

I was astounded at how the polish simply disintegrated into little flakes. Most of my nails came out of their foil cocoons free of polish. A couple of them had a little polish leftover, but they came off easily with some help of a cuticle stick.

Damage Assessment

Not bad! Ok, I was a little shocked out how dry my nails looked right after I took the foil off. But to be fair, they had just been soaking in mostly acetone.

Side note: Ignore the swirly pattern on my pinky nail. This was from a previous manicure that I ripped off my nail prematurely. Ripping off the gel instead of properly moving it–THAT is damaging to nails for sure! But removing it the right way? Doesn’t seem any more damaging than regular polish.

Nails After Red Carpet Manicure Removal

After a quick shower and nail trim, there was no trace of the previous dryness or damage that there seemed to be right after the removal process.

Nails After Red Carpet Manicure Removal

Final Thought

So worth it! My main hesitation with the Red Carpet Manicure was the potential damage it could do to my nail. But I was pleasantly surprised. The damage to my nails was not any different from regular polish. And the manicure itself is so much shinier, substantial, and longer-lasting than just regular polish.

The only drawback is a slightly limited color palette. But I’ll use Nails, Inc. when I’m craving more unique colors.

Coachella 2013

Coachella 2013 Bob Marley

This year was my first Coachella. It was so nice to enjoy the warm desert weather while just chilling and listening to live music. Just thinking about it, I feel so inspired and refreshed.

I loved how much everyone expressed themselves there. Most people chose fashion, dancing, or singing. (Carrying a sarong up for all to see as you walk works well too.)

Coachella 2013 Outfits

Saturday of Weekend 1 was much more crowded than Friday. The line to YUMA was ridiculous. YUMA was a great way to escape the intense heat during the day.

Behind it though was a very nice strand of food vendors. The quality of the food there was pleasantly surprising and not terribly over expensive. Ruth’s Chris Steak House was there with $12 filet mignon steak sandwiches. They were amazing. But my favorite was the Garlic Crab Fries at the corn dog stand. Definitely the best garlic fries I’ve ever had. The carne asada fries there were pretty good too, just a little skimpy on the carne asada.

Coachella 2013 Food

The sunset was the perfect beautiful transition into nighttime. The energy at Coachella was so different from day to night.

Coachella 2013 Sunset

Nighttime at Coachella was my favorite time. The weather cools a little and the really festival comes to life. On Friday and Saturday night jackets were hardly necessary.

SAHARA ended up being my favorite place at Coachella. Great energy all around and everyone’s just having great time. This picture was when Eric Prydz was performing. It was one of the last performances of Weekend 1, and it was a fantastic way to end a good weekend.

Coachella 2013 Sahara Tent

Sunday night was extremely windy. Everyone was covered in dust and it was so cold that they sold out of sweatshirts. It stung the eyes and everyone had or wished they had bandanas to breathe through. But it still didn’t put a damper on the night. Instead, it gave all the lasers and lights a beautiful effect.

Coming back from Coachella has really rejuvenated me and filled me with new energy and inspiration. Feels great!

Oriental Pearl Tower

Welcome to the Oriental Pearl Tower’s observation deck, complete with a full level of transparent flooring. It also has a revolving restaurant, arcade, and indoor junior roller coaster.

Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower stands 1,535 feet  (465m) tall.

[For reference, the Empire State Building stands 1,250 feet (381 meters) tall.] But don’t worry, I didn’t know either. :P

Everyone’s reaction to the transparent floor was different. Some people clung to the wall closest the elevator. Others hesitantly tested it with a shy toe first. And then one kid triumphantly ran around and stomped and jumped on every transparent floor panel he could find. But I’m sure for everyone, regardless of their enjoyment ‘technique’, it was a definite breath-taking experience.

Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower is actually a TV tower. Its structure and design is…dare I say–unique?

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Can you find me in the picture above? It’s a bit of a where’s waldo but I’m on the stairs.

It was one of the warmest days we’ve had so far in Shanghai. Still, I’ve grown pretty attached to my gloves after learning the hard way and they really help take the bit out of any chilly breezes. These are calf-hair and leather with cashmere lining from Club Monaco, which I found the day before we left for this trip!

The observation deck was surrounded by transparent flooring all the way around. The vertical panels didn’t quite reach the ceiling, so we could still enjoy the crisp, brisk, high-altitude air.

Although it was the warmest day we’d been there, it was still a little hazy for pictures of the skyline, but breath-taking nonetheless. I’m going to miss you Shanghai!